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           Welcome to which is focused on birth parent search, birth mother search, finding birth parents, adoptees, and adopted persons. Birth mother search is a worldwide adoptee and real parents search registry designed to reunite adoptees with their birth parents and siblings. The legal system does not offer much in the way of help in finding birth parents. Thats where comes in. A social networking service that allows registrants to create unique personal profiles and communicate online with family members. 'I want to find my mother', 'I want to locate my real parents', 'I want to find my child', 'I would love to locate my biological mother' are all combined here, through i-am-adopted service. It is FREE of charge. Just register create the profile of the person in search, upload images, communicate whith possible relatives and moreover have the option also to make your web page public visible and increase the possiblity to find the person to maximum.

Finding Birth Parents

       Only considering U.S. about 2% of population - meaning about 6 millions Americans - are adoptees. That includes adoptive parents, biological parents and siblings. At some point a large majority of these actively searched for real parents, birth mother or childs. No matter what the reasons for that search are (medical knowledge, major life event e.t.c.), that search is a emotional adventure and most times could be difficult finding birth parents. i-am-adopted is developed to help that search to become quick and most effective.

       Searching is so easy. Just register, and then provide the known details about the adopted person. It takes about 1 minute. Besides providing basic details, there are also the "special keywords" which might help locating the adopted person. For instance if you know in which hospital that person was born, just provide it as a special keyword. Someone might search for people born in that hospital. Just go ahead and begin you wonderfull search-journey.

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I am adopted is absolutly free and runs only because of your help. There are numerous ways to help us keep running this service. For example get advertised. Please visit Help us to find out more.

Custom Web Pages

Register and provide details about the adopted person you are searching for, real parents, birth mother e.t.c. Create a special web page with pictures and complete details. Maximaze possibility to find or to be found.